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  1. Now in its second year, the Preceptor Recognition Program recognizes clinical preceptors whose leadership and mentoring skills stand out. In 2017, the AARC presented 13 members with this distinction, naming them in the inaugural class. Nominations for the 2018 program are now open and must be completed by a director of clinical education or a... Read more »
  2. Images from the AARC Virtual Museum’s Influenza Gallery. One hundred years ago this year, the deadliest pandemic flu the world has ever seen swept around the globe, infecting about a third of the world’s population and killing some 20 to 50 million people, including about 675,000 in the U.S. First observed in Europe, America, and... Read more »
  3. Whether you’re still in RT school and just beginning to think about your credentialing exams or have now graduated and need to take them ASAP, your head is probably swimming with ideas about the best way to study. Respiratory care educators have spent their careers ensuring students have the knowledge they need to succeed on... Read more »
  4. To help the COPD National Action Plan maximize its effectiveness and reach its goals, respiratory therapists need to learn the plan and how to apply it in their daily work with patients. “RTs need to download the plan and make sure they’re working the goals that are the most meaningful to the population they serve... Read more »
  5. In this episode of Big Ideas Theater, Sharman Lamka, president and founder of the FACES Foundation, discusses the National Patient Advocacy Award program. Lamka explains that the award is made possible through a collaborative effort between the FACES Foundation and the AARC as a way to uniquely recognize respiratory therapists. “It’s honoring RTs that go... Read more »